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Mini Infrared Sensor Spy GSM Bug Audio

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infrared sensor V99, the high end technology products , It can make your life more convenient and safe. With its application everywhere, V99 can bring bran-new feeling to you and your family. By taking the most advanced anti-theft technology all over the world, V99 is characteristic of monitoring anti theft, compact size, clear voice, long standby time, simplicity of operation, stable performance and easy installation. It can be used in remote control and global base station location tracking alarm without needing operated in hand. This design is more humanized and improves work efficiency and security.


Standby current: below 0.05 mA

Working current: below 50 mA

Sensitivity: 5-8m center angle 90°

Working temperature: -5 to 40°

Working humidity: 5% to 93%

Product size: dimensions: 48*32*14 mm

Function Introduction and Using Methods

Infrared sensor alarm:

when body gets close to alarm cat-V99, it will detect the signal activate the alarm.

sensitivity is in highest level within 5 meters area. 

for the wireless property, V-99 can be easily installed in indoor, financial office, master room, children’s room, warehouse, hospital and any other places needed security control.

taking the most advanced wireless communication technology, V-99 is characteristic of low power consumption, long standby time and accuracy alarming. 

installing V-99 at certain height, aiming at the place where people walk through, V99 can sense the body movements within angle range around 120°of both left and right sides in the area of 5 meters around.

Monitoring and interception

After turning on V99, it can be called and connected by communication tools. Waiting for a few seconds after getting through, you can hear clearly the situation 10 meters area around.

Remote-Control Setting

When sensing is not in need, it can be shut down by only sending 0000 with your mobile phone to the SIM card number, while sending 1111 will activate this sensing function. However, V99 always keeps the monitoring automatically answer function on.

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