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GSM Bug/Microphone In Mobile Phone Charger

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This GSM spy bug device uses Taiwan military technology GSM module with voice-activated automatic pull back function, can be installed in home, companies, shops and warehouse. This product compact size, voice clear, simple operation, stable performance, without install, remote control etc.


Frequency: GSM900MHz/DCS1800MHz Or GSM850MHz/DCS1900MHz

Power Supply: 24 hours Non-stop 

Card Compatible: GSM / SIM 

Microphone Range (Meter): 5-7(Radius), 4 levels 

Receive Sensitivity: -+10K 

Working Temp: -40-50 C 

Responding Frequency: 1.2K-800Khz 

Stand-by Time: 7 days 

Working Time: 4 hours


Take out the monitor device

Insert a SIM sim card into the card slot

Press power button to turn on

Wait for several seconds

Use your mobile phone or other telephone to call on the number in monitor ; Or you can activate voice activated fuction ,then to wait for calls from the monitor

You achieve to listen or monitor the surrounding of the monitor .

Charging methods: use USB transfer cable to connect to the device, the other end connected to the charger

Package Contents

GSM Plug adapter BUG

User manual

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