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Spy 3G Hidden Wireless Camera

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  • Brand: Action
  • Product Code: AI-0238
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The 3G Covert Camera With Removeable Battery allows you to access live video and audio from most anywhere on earth, on your 3G smart phone. The 3G Covert Camera is a small, covert all black camera that looks like a mobile phone from a distance, yet sends you the video of what is going on when you are not there. The 3G Covert Camera operates over the 3g network, and you don't need a computer. Just call the camera from your phone to watch and hear the video. Covertly installable into many devices (Like Clock, Phote frame,BOOK,etc) the CWS-G3G2010 is designed to the smallest possible size whilst the 3G camera unit provides a level of remote monitoring functionality never before available.


Network: WCDMA(3G),GSM 900/1800/1900

Camera: 5.0 million pixels

Image sensor: CMOS

Video Resolution: 176 144, 128 96

Battery: 1750mAh lithium battery


Internal & external Industry



Child care

Elderly care




Fly tips etc.

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